The Value of Trust

You tell me that despite this very difficult year for all of us, you notice a real desire for new people to join your team. Initially, it seemed normal to see a significant need for increased connection, including on linkedin – there is no more networking and the labor market is undergoing major changes. But the offers you and your partners receive are getting better. And you hear more and more often that people are looking for a real team spirit.

You tell me that you would like to identify, capture and perpetuate all the …ingredients

I share that I hear positive developments in the offers you receive. I hear they are authentic, valuable. And I would invite you to turn to yourself: how do you function as a management team? How do the people on your teams work?

I see how you relax: you feel comfortable, passionate, you enjoy talking about your colleagues.

Hmmm, this year was different. The context made you, for the first time in a long period, to actually walk in the shoes of your children, your employees, partners, even your client. Empathizing with them all and with each one separately is a constant. You also tell them how you feel, what you’re going through – you’ve become vulnerable! In all these months you have been practicing empathy and vulnerability, so that they have become a constant behavior of yours. And you see it in your partners as well! That’s exactly what my subordinates say: it was nice before. But there was a lot of competitiveness. We always have professionalism, but now your employees trust you more as a management team. It is easy for them to passionately support your products to customers because they have developed a sense of belonging… hey, some are even proud!

I tell you that I hear empathy, vulnerability, trust, belonging, pride! And I hear pride, but also emotion in your voice. I invite you to tell me how you perceive the atmosphere between the members of your team.

Despite the isolation, they are very close. You feel like they perceive the environment as safe: they are okay to depend on each other. They easily ask for help and the major change is that they are willing to do more than the job description. They are motivated. The system of new attempts and impact tracking is a constant and lively game. There are no mistakes, only signs where it needs to be adapted. And they easily come up with solutions. Hey, they really like to have meetings on the online platform and brainstorm for as many solutions as possible. And they have a lot of fun: they have the top of the craziest ideas! They are creative!

I tell you I feel you completely at ease! I hear that the members are close, they depend on each other, motivated, they play with solutions, they have a lot of fun!

Now, were you one of the people who want to work with you, what would you see from the outside?

Openness, good mood, vulnerability, motivation ….. ah, how good it is to be aware of them and put them together! You tell me you have a safe work environment. The secret? Trust!

Of course I trust you! – workshop for work relations.

Do you believe in the benefits of building trust in your team? Leave me a comment and we’ll meet!

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