Growth is born out of discomfort, isn’t it?

Initially, it takes some time to understand this. Especially when it comes to #trust in your own company.

It all starts with accepting the reality: the level of trust in the company between employees and managers determines how they will work together and how successful the company will be!

This is the #challenge I addressed together with my partner, #CarmenNegiba, in our program “Of course I trust you! – workplace relations ”.

Studies show that 70% of employees do not trust their managers, and 37% of employees say that managers do not give them a vote of confidence.

We all know what an untrustworthy work environment looks like: managers who do not share information, who take credit for the work of others, where confidentiality is not respected, employees are afraid to share their worries and in the end no one takes responsibility.

The lack of #intimacy, of #transparency at the level of the company greatly affects the #performance in the context of the sanitary crisis: the worries and the need for #connection and #communication are twice as big!

What is on the other side of the #discomfort is always worth the effort. We are ready to accompany you to discover your own steps to build relationships based on trust!

Are you ready?

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